06 November 2013

The Freed Bird - An 1869 Poem

By Alice Cary.
When the dew and daises
Made the meadows gay,
Little Johnny Morrison
Caught a wild bird one day;
And, with both her pretty wings
In his hands fast bound,
Brought her to his mother,
Saying, "See what I have found!"
His heart was all a-flutter,
And his cheek was all a-glow.
Then said Johnny's mother,
Speaking very soft and low :
"What if some great giant
Should catch you by the hair,
And draw you to his dismal den,
Would you call that fair?"
"Poor, poor bird!" sighed Johnny,
As he hung his head so low;
And then he smoothed the ruffled wings,
And then he let her go.
And when the dews and daisies
Were faded from the ground
Raking up the meadow hay,
What d'you think he found?
Not a bag of silver,
And not a bar of gold,
But just a little nest, as full
Of birds as it could hold.
And the pretty, patient mother,
That was chirping sweet and low
About them, was no other
Than the bird that he let go!
March 26, 1869. McConnelsville Conservative 3(28): 2.