06 November 2013

The Rain Concert - An 1860 Poem

Millions of tiny drops,
Are falling all around;
They're dancing on the house-tops,
They're hiding in the ground.
They are fairy-like musicians,
With anything for keys,
Beating tune upon the window,
Keeping time upon the trees.
A light and airy treble
They play upon the stream,
And the melody enchants us
Like the music of a dream.
A deeper bass is sounding
When they're dropping into eaves;
With a tenor from the zephyrs,
And an alto from the waves.
Oh, 'tis a stream of music,
And, Robin, "don't intrude,"
If, when the rain is weary,
He drops an interlude.
It seems as if the warbling
Of the birds in all the bowers,
Had been gathered into rain drops
And was coming down in showers.
December 15, 1860. Emporia News 4(17): 4.