06 November 2013

Try It Again - An 1877 Poem

Come hear what the bird on the hickory sings,
Whose nest was blown off but a fortnight ago
In a new one as soft she is folding her wings,
And a new one sits perched on the branches below.
Come hear what she sings to the heart of the poor,
Whose temples have fallen in wind and in rain;
Come hear how she sings a new song that is sure,
To the glorious old carol of, Try it Again!
What has been badly done cannot perish too soon,
What has been rightly done cannot perish at all,
One work towers at eve, and one totters at noon;
And we know not their worth till they triumph or fail.
Not a hand upon earth but has labor and task,
Not a hand upon earth but has duty to do,
Success let us merit whatever we ask,
And fear not but God will be tender and true.
And still when we falter and fall in the race,
Or the wreck of our hopes scatters over the plains,
Remember to look with a pitying face,
On the work of your brother, and, Try it Again!
May 17, 1877. Stark County Democrat 43(50): 1.