06 November 2013

Welcome Birds - An 1862 Poem

This morn I saw a blue bird,
His mate was by his side;
Right welcome, little blue bird,
Right welcome, too, your bride!
You're welcome back to freedom's land,
Though lately frown from 'Cessla' strand.
I thought I heard a-singing,
Just from a shade-tree's bough, —
I'm sure I now see winging
Dear robbin-red-breast now;
You're welcome from the sunny clime, —
Our skies are genial in their time!
Come tarry, sweet bird, with us,
And make with us your home,
Methinks you'll tokens give us
Of better days to come,
When peace's olive-branch again
Shall wave o'er mountain, hill and plain.
May 8, 1862. Nebraska Advertiser 6(44): 1. From the Boston Cultivator.